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Wallaroo Treasures and Treats Café

Monday 15th May – Sunday 21st May - 9am – 5pm

Venue: 37 – 39 Owen Terrace, Wallaroo


Retro café in the main street of Wallaroo. Wander through the many treasures on display or pull up a seat to enjoy homemade Cornish pasties, just one of the many homemade treats on offer (dairy and gluten free options available). Enjoy the Cornish High Tea by candlelight or lamp (refer to multiday events for details)

treasure and treats.jpg

Triple ‘B’ Café

Monday 15th May – Sunday 21st May – 9am – 4.30pm

Venue: 4B Evans Road North, Wallaroo


Enjoy beans, books and boardgames in the retro atmosphere of the Triple B Café. Various events and speakers relating to the history and heritage of the region will be hosted during Kernewek Lowender week; please check our Facebook page for details

Kernewek Lowender Programme.jpg

Fat G’s Pizza Pasta Etc

Monday 15th May – Sunday 21st May - 10am – 8pm

Venue: 4/2 Owen Terrace, Wallaroo


Home-made Pizza, Pasta, Yiros, AB Packs, coffee, salads, hot chips, burgers, schnitzels and desserts. The variety to cater for all taste buds is available at the one location. Gluten Free also available

fat g.png
Wafflin' On.png

Monday 15th May – Friday 19th May - 7am – 4pm Saturday 20th May 8am - 8pm, Sunday 21st May 8am - 3pm

Venue: 5 Owen Terrace, Wallaroo


Best breakfast on the Copper Coast! Homemade burgers, steak sandwiches, fish and chips using locally caught fresh fish, coffee, pastries, cakes, waffles, shakes and much more!

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