WE NEED YOU               


Our Kernewek Lowender Copper Coast Cornish Festival relies on the generous support of local businesses, organisations and individuals, and requires an all hands on deck approach from some 300 volunteers, as well as many thousands of dollars to stage.

This year we are calling on the locals to help bring the Kernewek Lowender back to life and boost the community spirit. Running costs to plan and bring to light this event are growing ever so quickly and its time we bound together as three towns and show the rest of the world what the Copper Coast and its Cornish heritage is really about!

We would love your help in reigniting the fire and are hoping for any sort of donation to help us along the way. Moving with the times and with the help of last year’s donations we were able to purchase an online ticketing system now linked to our website, Thank you!

We have fees year round that now need to be paid to keep these in place and your donations will help keep the event moving with the times and up to date with the administration technology needed such as website, ticketing, MYOB and all the other glorious event management requirements.

If you can help us, thank you!

We ask that you fill in the form below (for receipting) and send your donation to:

  • via cheque, to Kernewek Lowender Incorporated, 50 Mines Road KADINA SA 5554
  • OR
  • EFT direct to BSB 015 590 ACC 4632 66235 (reference “donation”)


We hope you can help us and bring the festival into a new exciting era celebrating our significant Cornish heritage that we are not only just proud of but can show off to the world.


NAME / BUSINESS________________________________________________________________



I hereby pledge the amount of $_____________ (any amount is appreciated)